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A Brief Introduction to the Online Edition of Antique Maps

By Carl Moreland & David Bannister

Welcome to the Internet site of Antique Maps - A Collector's Handbook written by Carl Moreland and myself - David Bannister. When I started dealing in antique maps and prints on April 1st 1963 I little thought that I would be joint author of an essential basic book for all map collectors! The publication story has never been told and it happened something like this.......

Many visitors to the Gallery I had for selling maps used to ask how they were made and for information about the various cartographers who produced maps so I became aware of the need for information which was not, then, readily available. The only book on the subject at that time was Maps and Mapmakers by R.V. Tooley - this had stimulated the modern interest in Map Collecting immensely; unfortunately this fine book was out of print and it had taken me around two years to find a copy for myself. I published, therefore, a number of very brief leaflets giving details of various cartographic matters with the help of a collector customer - Carl Moreland - which we gave away to anyone who asked for information. Eventually we realised that we almost had sufficient material for a book and started accumulating more with the express purpose of publishing one. This was done and we looked in vain, for some years, for a publisher..............

While all this was going on I wrote and often gave an illustrated lecture on the subject to interested groups and advertised talk in any magazine that I could persuade to mention it at no cost. One day I got a call from Longmans, the famous educational publishers, who had decided that they wished to expand their publishing activities into "Leisure areas" and, having seen my lecture mentioned in an Antiques Magazine, wondered if I would be interested in writing a book on Antique Maps!!!!!! They were amazed and delighted to hear that we had one already written and they published a hard back edition in 1983. The total ordered print run was 1500 but they only got 1350 - it seems that a 10% variation either way is the norm in book publishing. This edition soon sold out and, unfortunately, Longman changed their publishing policy and didn't want to re-publish it. Believing that there was little point in illustrating the same maps which other books had done [many of which were museum pieces or excessively rare and expensive] we carefully chose a selection of maps which, with the exception of about six, had been available to collectors within the previous few years.

Luckily we were able to find another publisher - Phaidon - who issued the second edition in 1986 [as a hard back] in their "Christie's Collectors Guide" series; at that time Phaidon was linked with to famous auction house to promote and market books concerned with all aspects of collecting. A third hardback edition - with some corrections and addenda - by Phaidon followed in 1989; this time in the Christie's Collectors Library series. This edition was censored and a warning given to collectors regarding the dangers of getting legal title of items when buying at auction was deleted - this has been put back in this Internet edition. A paperback edition was published, again by Phaidon in 1993; various printings of this have been issued - I've lost count of how many - and another will shortly be on sale [a run of 2250 has been ordered] which is intended mainly for the US market.

 Initially the book that is here on the WWW will be the same as the version available from the bookshops but we have a fully revised version written and this will be gradually put up on the site. The present publishers are not prepared to finance a completely re-set, re-illustrated version and we would be very happy to hear from anyone interested in publishing one [we retain the copyright]. At this stage we would suggest that not too much reliance should be given to the chapter on French maps which has been completely rewritten incorporating much more biographical detail based on the work of Mireille Pastoureau published by the Bibliotheque National Departement des Cartes et Plans in 1984. Any comments, corrections, queries or requests for maps which readers might have will be welcomed by David Bannister by contacting me here

The Revised and Updated 4th edition is highly suggested for readily available research and reference. Copies are available from the following sources:

Orders & Delivery in the USA -

  • John Lobota 3089 Lillian Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406-7902 E-mail Individual copies updated & signed by David Bannister are $28.00 plus $3.50 p&h. Check or Money Orders

Orders Outside the USA -

  • Copies can be ordered from and found in many local bookshops. For specific locations contact the publisher, Phaidon Press Limited 140 Kensington Church Street London W8 4BN

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