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Foreword to the Third Edition, Acknowledgements & Preface


Chapter 1 A Brief Historical Survey

Chapter 2 The Printing of Old Maps

Chapter 3 Hereford World Map

Chapter 4 Nuremberg Chronicle

Chapter 5 Road Maps, Atlases and Road Books

Chapter 6 Sea Charts and Atlases

Chapter 7 Town Plans

Chapter 8 Topographical Maps and Surveys

Chapter 9 Playing Cards

Chapter 10 There be Dragons - Myths and Legends on Old Maps



Chapter 11 Italy

Chapter 12 Germany and Austria

Chapter 13 Holland and Belgium

Chapter 14 France

Chapter 15 England and Wales

Chapter 16 Scotland

Chapter 17 Ireland

Chapter 18 Maps of the British Isles

Chapter 19 Portugal, Spain, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Russia and Poland

Chapter 20 Maps of the World and the Continents - The World, The Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe


Chapter 21 Buying Maps and Forming a Collection


Appendix A Editions of Ptolemy's Geographia

Appendix B Blaeu/Jansson Maps of the English and Welsh Counties

Appendix C Historical Chart - Map Making 600BC - AD1800


Index - Not included in the online edition to eliminate the logistics of referencing each key.

'The Work I have undertaken, is so difficult and obnoxious to Doubt and Error, so slippery and obscure, that it must be confessed, by any man of solid judgement, that I must have been bold, to make an Adventure upon such a Subject. .

WILLIAM TURNER: The complete History of the most Remarkable Providences. 1697.

Antique Maps

Carl Moreland and David Bannister

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First paperback edition 1993

Third edition 1989

Originally published by Longman 1983

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FRONTISPIECE: Lucas Janzoon Waghenaer, Chart of Europe, Leyden, 1586. Chart from the first engraved sea atlas, the Spiegel der Zeevaerdt. Originally published in 1584 in Dutch, there were many editions of the atlas in different languages until 1615.


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Introduction | Contents | Download as PDF (132mb)